K2 Boffi Küche




Corian® - Stainless steel - Eco wood

Technology in its purest form: Norbert Wangen’s kitchen cube design revolutionises the concept of the compact kitchen. 

A single stand-alone mono-block that contains all the necessary elements for both cooking and entertaining; it is a graceful and neat piece of contemporary furniture that unfolds to reveal a high spec state-of-the-art cooking system ideal for limited spaces.

Coming in three different sizes, the K2, K3 and K4 kitchens bring dining, from creation to completion, back into one social space; an elegant and logical response to the demand for open plan environments serving as living spaces.

The stainless steel top can be silently slid to one side, creating a stylish linear table that can be a bar, serving or dining space, and revealing a fully equipped kitchen worktop.

The cube contains individually welded sinks with hand-made solid stainless steel fittings and hobs.


 K2 Boffi Küche
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