Xila bathroom Boffi



CRS Boffi


Side panels and doors in Silcover - Ecolak - Metals - Polyester - Wood - Wood Selection - Wood Exclusive - Solid wood - Stone - Marble - Granite -Corian®. Tops in white Cristalplant® - Stone - Marble - Granite - Corian® white -Dekton® - Silestone®

Homogeneous, yet highly customisable: The complete vision of Boffi allows you to design living environments that are integrated and compatible with each other in terms of style and quality.
XILA implements this vision with its highly flexible yet uniform design. 
The suspended, modular base units have a recessed finished band on the bottom, which creates a handle-rail effect offering a more elegant solution to open the front doors.



Xila bathroom Boffi
Xila Boffi
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